Why do a dailygood BAGS™ Fundraiser?
Trash bags my not be what immediately comes to mind when thinking of fundraising. However, trash bags are an item everyone uses every day! Also, because we utilize postconsumer recycled plastic, you are actually helping the environment with each bag you sell.

When should I start my fundraiser?
Anytime! Because trash bags are utilized year-round, any time is a good time to start. Whenever your organization needs to raise money is the right time.

How do I get started?
Starting is simple. Whether you are preselling or preordering, the process is easy.

If you are preselling, simply print off the order forms from our resources tab and begin selling, then place your order when your fundraiser is over.

If you are preordering the bags, place your order on our website. From the time your order is placed, it will be 10 business days for delivery.

How much do the fundraising bags cost?
You pay $6 per roll ($60/case).

What is the minimum order?
You must order a minimum of 1 case. Order 25+ cases, and you qualify for free shipping!

How many trash bag rolls are in a case?
You get 10 rolls in every case. The Tall Kitchen Bags have 50 bags per roll. The XL Trash Bags have 12 bags per roll.

What’s the suggested selling price for a fundraiser?
Suggested selling price for your fundraiser is $12 per roll ($120/case).

How long should I fundraise for?
Typically, the time ranges from two to three weeks. You can set your own length of time based on the goals for your organization.

What are the shipping costs?
Shipping is free for orders of 25 cases (250 rolls) or more! Orders for less than 25 cases, we apply $15 per case ($1.50/roll) for shipping costs.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Your full order ships to your address within 10 business days after order processing.

Can I return my order?
Yes!  Product in new condition can be returned. Simply pay the shipping and you will be refunded for your unsold items.

What if I still have questions?
Please email us at heretohelp@dailygoodbags.com or go to our contact page.