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Tall Kitchen Trash Bags


13 gallon l drawstring
97% SCS certified PCR content

Made from 97% SCS certified post-consumer recycled plastic.

  • Product Specs
    • 13 gallon capacity
    • Fits most standard tall kitchen trash bins
    • Dimensions: 24″ x 27″
    • Thickness: 1.1 millimeters
  • Features
    • Bag color: White
    • Drawstring color: Green
    • Closure: Drawstring
    • Made from 97% SCS certified post-consumer recycled plastic
    • Convenient drawstring handles for easy tie and carrying
    • Extra thick for maximum performance and fewer rips and tears
    • Flexible drawstring wraps around your can and keeps bag in place
    • Certified for commercial use: ECOLOGO certified and LEED approved
    • 100% made in the U.S.A.

    WARNING: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep bags away from babies and young children.

  • Materials

    Our bags are made from third-party SCS Global Services certified post-consumer recycled LDPE (low density polyethylene). Polyethylene is a commonly used plastic material produced from fossil fuels like oil. By recycling used polyethylene film and turning it back into PCR resin, we are able to use fewer natural resources to create our plastic material, produce less pollution and harmful effects on the environment, and divert used plastic material from ending up in the the waste stream. Together, this creates significantly less negative impact on the environment compared to virgin plastic trash bags. Our resin is also RMS certified, ECOLOGO certified, and meets all EPA requirements for commercial trash bag recycled material mandates.

    100% Money-Back Guarantee



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certified eco-friendly.

The material used to make dailygood bags are third-party certified by SCS Global Services, which means they meet the highest standards in recycled material quality, purity, and consistency. It's an accomplishment we're proud of, and you should be, too.

contains ZERO new plastic.

That's right, our trash bags contain nothing but high quality, certified post-consumer recycled plastic. (Why don't we say 100% recycled then? Because we want to be transparent and the bags contain small amounts of other ingredients like colorant and stretch assist).

guaranteed strong.

These bags are built extra tough, because an earth-friendly solution shouldn't have to mean more rips and tears. The bags are dry load tested to hold more than 90 pounds - that's as much as a small human! (Note: we do not condone attempting to lift a small human in our bags, though off the record, it has been done.)

supporting local communities.

Dailygood bags are made from locally collected and recycled plastic, a lot of it our own products. So you can rest assured you're getting American made quality and helping to support our local economy by providing jobs to our recycling and manufacturing teams across the U.S.