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a little switch. a lot of good.

We’re not kidding when we say you can do some good. Making the switch to dailygood bags has a big impact on the environment verses bags made with virgin plastic. How big you ask?

53% fewer fossil fuels

Dailygood bags use fewer non-renewable energy sources like oil and natural gas to make.

50% less soot and
31% less smog

Manufacturing recycled bags results in decreased exposure to
airborne pollution like smog and soot.

37% less greenhouse gases

The process to make recycled bags produces less greenhouse gas emissions that are changing the planet’s climate and impacting climate change.

31% less ocean warming and acidification

Fewer greenhouse gas emissions means less impact on our lakes, rivers and oceans, which is linked to killing coral reefs and changing the ocean's ecosystems.

but where's the proof?

These stats are cool, but where’s the proof? Dailygood bags are third-party certified by SCS Global Services, which means they’ve met rigorous standards for quality and purity that results in recycled material that performs more like virgin. SCS also conducted an assessment to determine the positive impact our bags have on the environment, which showed that production and use of dailygood bags result in lower environmental impact across the board when compared to bags made without recycled content.

you’ve got this in the bag.

Our commercial-quality, durable, 90% post-consumer recycled bags are available in both tall kitchen and contractor sizes. Bundle to save big on bags for your home.

Large Drawstring Trash Bags

30gallon size to handle big clean up in your home.

Dailygood Essentials Set – Small

Both of our eco-friendly bags in one convenient bundle. And save 20%!

Tall Kitchen Trash Bags

Made from 97% SCS certified post-consumer recycled plastic.