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dailygood bags®

we make it easy to do good for the planet.

Worrying about trash bags is a waste - literally! Forget the garbage, you’re throwing away precious time and money just thinking about them. We know that you want to make little choices every day that add up to a greener planet and a cleaner home for your family, which is why we created dailygood bags.

so, how are dailygood bags made?

we collect used plastic from local sources

American businesses like farms use a lot of heavy duty plastic material for all sorts of things like irrigating their crops. Like, TONS of plastic. Then the used plastic either sits on their land, gets buried or ends up in a landfill. We take the unwanted plastic off their hands and keep it out of the waste stream.

we transform trash to treasure:
post-consumer recycled resin.

We then take the plastic back to our recycling facilities, where the material is sorted, cleaned, cleaned some more, processed and turned into high-quality post-consumer recycled resin, ready for a new life in new products.

we make dailygood bags
for you.

We send the PCR resin to our manufacturing facilities to create dailygood bags along with all sorts of other useful products like carryout bags and stretch film. You buy bags and get big-time peace of mind knowing you're taking care of the planet and your home.

who we are.

we're on a mission to redefine possible for sustainable plastics

We're Revolution, and we've dared to think differently about plastics for nearly 30 years. Where others see landfills and waste, we see potential. To us, plastic is a valuable resource that can have infinite usefulness if we reclaim and reuse it responsibly. 

creating a sustainable loop(TM) 

Unlike traditional manufacturing that relies on an outdated linear model, at Revolution we take a unique, circular approach to production and recycling - one that encompasses the entire plastics life cycle. This integrated, Sustainable Loop model means we manufacture, collect and recycle plastic all within our own facilities, creating an infinite loop that reduces waste and generates smarter, more sustainable plastic solutions for you. 

but don't just take our word for it.